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PLEASE, answer our poll !

The vote, such as it is proposed to us, is it advisable ?

Any suggestion to improve or develop the democratic techniques of consultation will be welcome here.

Say it everywhere! smile

Top 10 ecological solutions introduction / Forum science and conscientiousness
Question of the hour
appeal for consciousness
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introduction / Forum - Forum subjects

  • presidential campaign
    - Internet users' reactions to the comments of the candidates ...
    - suggestions, remarks, addressed to these candidates.
  • democratic voting
    - How to develop the tools for citizen consulting
    - suggestion of the "wet voting"
      ♦ 'technique of the watering can'
      ♦ 'permanent and "real time" registers of grievances'
      official measurement of the distinction between " vote for " and " vote against " ... with mandatory results for governors
  • social / work
    - Let's insist on what does not seem to be taken into account by the politicians ...
    - let's share the testimonies denouncing structural problems...
  • Social / education
    The education is a too important matter to be confide only to the teachers and to the political class ...
  • Science and consciousness
    - information / subjects of anxiety / ethics.

top 10 des sujets de forun au 19 sept. 2007

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