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introduction / Forum - introduction

Here, we speak about: :
- work : unemployment, statuses(statutes), education, formation(training), motivation:...
- presidential elections. (Click here = > to reach directly the "programs" of the french candidates (for 2007 presendential election))


ramène ta fraise
The Republic soon has to give birth to a new President (new, in priori) Then, Internet tourists, basic citizens, "average" Frenchman, do not hesitate! This site is there so that each can "ramener sa strawberry". Don't be afraid of those who will accuse you of wanting to "change the world" ! Everybody urges you to vote for candidates for the Presidential elections : those candidates do not go without this claim.

(Could whoever claim not to change the world, either by some overwork, or even by a total inactivity ? )

Creation date : 13/02/2007 @ 01:32
Last update : 02/03/2007 @ 18:19
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